Graham’s Marches Graham’s Jigs Strip The Willow Set The Atholl Highlanders The Swedish Masquerade Barn Dance Medley Planxty Irish Polkas The Weaver & His Wife Set Graham’s Waltzes The Bridge of Athlone Set Jimmy Allen/ Balquhidder Lasses The A Minor Set The Cliffs of Moher Set Graham’s Other Marches Dingle Regatta / The Sweets of May Tobin’s Favourite Set Buffalo Girls Set Walking In My Sleep Set Primrose Polka This year marks 50 years of Kelly's Eye, consisting of Graham and Kev Prigmore, John Kelly (d. 2004) and Stewart Porter (d. 1981). Dido Bendigo is in honour of John who had a song for every occasion. African Safari is a tribute to Stewart, wizard of the penny whistle and the 'old orange flute'. And the lively slip jigs are a sequence we still play today in our current line-up with guitarist Steve Aldridge, who is also our wizard of the website. We hope you enjoy our little trip down memory lane Rose of Allendale Set Hornpipe Set Kansas City Set The Gay Gordons Merrily Kissed The Quaker’s Wife Set